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Introducing VISTAAR: an AI-Powered Network for Agricultural Extension
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Improving the Speed and Efficiency of Agricultural Extension with AI

Farmer.Chat is designed to deliver tailored assistance to hundreds of thousands of extension workers providing advice to tens of millions of small-scale farmers around the world.

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Empowering agricultural extension workers and farmers with an AI assistant and customized advisory

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AI assistant that speaks the language of farmers

Communicates in multiple languages, through a conversational interface using both voice and text

Overcomes digital literacy barriers and fosters an environment which encourages gender equity See Our Work

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Advisory delivered at the right place and the right time

Incorporated datasets such as farmer and EA registries which allow for customized content based on location and crop

Promotes adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices

Third-party data like weather, soil, and markets give extension agents and farmers more choices, helping them make smarter, faster decisions for their farms

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Manage your agriculture context from an intuitive dashboard

Intuitive dashboards give farmer groups and government partners data-driven insights to improve policies and support local farmers. Plus, those insights help make the platform even better

Designed with a stakeholder-driven governance model allows for the network to have stewarded processes and protocols for content creation, credentialing, traceability and discovery

Builds trust and shares knowledge between extension agents and farmers

Women extension agents and farmers have embraced this tool, using it twice as much as male counterparts, giving them essential advice for their farms and helping them become leaders in their communities.

“Using the assistant, I was able to answer farmer questions about climate-smart pest management immediately and confidently.”

-Female extension agent
in Bihar, India

Where Digital Green has ongoing bot work

See the assistant in action:

(Hindi and English)
(Telugu, Hindi & English)
(Swahili and English)

How our solutions lead to cost savings for Digital Extension


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AI assistant

Developed by Digital Green, with a 15 year history of working alongside small-scale farmers

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Partnerships have enable the impact and scale of our work.
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